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From Waiter Wallets, expandable Clear Pocket System (perfectly positioned at the server's fingertips) to the restaurant industry only template software to quickly and easily create cheat sheets information is critical.

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Running a restaurant is a challenging feat. Numerous factors go into running a successful establishment, but accurate order-taking is one of the most critical aspects of any restaurant experience.

In this blog, we will discuss the features of a Waiter Wallet Pad and how it enhances order accuracy and simplifies order taking for waitstaff. We will also delve into the importance of taking accurate restaurant orders and why using traditional methods may still be the best approach.


Restaurant waiters and waitresses must juggle multiple tables while keeping track of guests' orders and preferences. They need to be...

Wine goes hand-in-hand with great dining and enhancing the guest's experience; selling wine is a skill a waiter and waitress should be familiar with. Not only can wine pairing and sales increase a restaurant's profit margins, but they can also enhance the guest's experience.

Waiter Wallet has been exhibiting at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago since 2012. Over the years, we have explored this wonderful city and uncovered some of Chicago's best-kept secrets. We'll guide you through  the hidden shopping gems of the Windy City and take you through the best things to do in Chicago when you aren't at the National Restaurant Show. And, when at the show, be sure to visit Waiter Wallet at booth 5525, North Hall.
What can restaurants learn from Best Buy? Everything. I went to Best Buy to purchase a camera. Not only didn't they ever hear of the product, they told me their store didn't carry it. 
Most American restaurants haven't seen a maître d' for longer than that bottle of Galliano has been collecting dust in their bar. However, unlike the liquor, there is an essential place in many restaurants for this retired restaurant relic. 
I visited some restaurants in Las Vegas and showed off the Waiter Wallet. Ten years after its invention, it was thrilling to see how industry experts love the Waiter Wallet.
I visited some restaurants in Las Vegas and showed off the Waiter Wallet. Ten years after its invention, it was thrilling to see how...

Ten years ago, there was no such thing as a server book. Back then, Waiters and waitresses most popular tool to hold everything they are challenged to carry was an ill-suited a check presenter. 

As much as restaurant waiters, waitresses, managers, and owners love providing hospitality, the bottom-line is still the bottom-line. Given this...

The fact is, the more waiters and waitresses sell, the higher their income is. Professional servers know this, and they do their best to upsell...