What Best Buy Can Teach Restaurants

What Best Buy Can Teach Restaurants

What can restaurants learn from Best Buy? Everything. I went to Best Buy to purchase a camera. Not only didn't they ever hear of the product, they told me their store didn't carry it.

I eventually found it and asked to see it. That was not possible, but Best Buy could match an online retailers price. With all the online choices, how does Best Buy even exist?

So what does this have to do with restaurants? All too often, to compete with the fast-casual competition, restaurants reduce the quality of their service to compete on price. How is this possible when their competitors don't offer service (and guests don't have to tip servers on their meal)?

Why not enhance their service, and provide an experience fast-casual restaurants can't possibly compete with? While some may go out to eat, don't many prefer to dine out?

That said, we understand how challenging it can be to not be all things to all people. After all, every server and restaurant should use a Waiter Wallet. So why not focus on those enlightened enough to recognize the superiority of our businesses and work hard to provide the best experience for them and not obsess over the others? If Best Buy knew about the camera, was able to show it to me, they would have gotten the sale, and without matching the competition's price.