Better Servers, Better Restaurants!

I visited some restaurants in Las Vegas and showed off the Waiter Wallet. Ten years after its invention, it was thrilling to see how industry experts love the Waiter Wallet.

Wow, how times have changed since 2007. With just one exception, every restaurant manager I met understood how important waitstaff organization is. And, how essential the Waiter Wallet is in that effort. That's why they either provide the Waiter Wallet to their servers or are planning to do so.

Still, one restaurant manager believed it was not the restaurant's responsibility to help his servers to perform better. Although recognizing there are significant challenges inherent in being a server (and working on-the-fly), he firmly believed that his waiters and waitresses earn enough money to pay for a valuable tool like the Waiter Wallet themselves. Moreover, this was a remarkably beautiful, expensive and well-known restaurant that you would think would care about their employees.

I know that operating a restaurant is an extremely challenging business. However, the simple fact is, the better a server does, the better their restaurant does. Take the benefit to servers out of the equation; how does any restaurant allow its servers to interface with their guests using anything they choose (including a beat up, overstuffed check presenter)? Can a server show up for work wearing ripped jeans and sneakers? I doubt it (and rightly so).

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