Custom Template

Eight Templates aren't Enough? No Problem!

From floor charts to training materials, create any information you want. This template sizes it for any Waiter Wallet and, like all our templates, print four copies on an 8 1⁄2 x 11 sheet of paper.

Template Software Instructions

  • When using a mobile phone, turn the device horizontal for landscape view. 
  • Choose a template size based on your Waiter Wallet and/or Clear Pocket Insert version.
  • Create a document as a JPG or TIF using the following PX dimensions for your Waiter Wallet or Clear Pocket Insert:
    • Original/LTO/Clear Pocket Insert: 366 px by 471 px
    • Deluxe: 322 px by 471 px
    • Sr: 405 px by 647 px
    • Jr /Jr Clear Pocket Insert: 285 px by 388 px
    • Jr Deluxe: 240 px by 388 px 
  • "Click to Upload an image" to locate your JPG/TIF on your device
  • Print to create a PDF with four templates (three for the Waiter Wallet Sr.)

Arm Your Server Book to Earn and Sell More

Together with the Waiter Wallet's Clear Pocket System, these invaluable restaurant guides are perfectly positioned in Waiter Wallet sever book clear pockets to help increase server’s knowledge, sales and tips.

Our template software creates a PDF with three or four (depending on the Waiter Wallet server book version) copies of the template for fast, easy printing.