Waiter Wallet: Our Story

Jonathan Schneider Headshot - Owner of Waiter Wallet

My name is Jon Schneider and back in 2009, I had a dream. Yes, I literally a dream about a Waiter Wallet. I know what you are thinking; this guy needs to get a life.  While that may be true, my dream of creating a game-changing server book to help organize servers and make their job more profitable has become a reality.

My journey in the restaurant business started in 1992 when I moved to Los Angeles to become a working actor. I often joked; it was harder getting a good restaurant job than work as an actor.  After years in the trenches at some of the cities finest restaurants, I was able to support myself as an artist and hang up my apron.

I learned a lot about waiting tables. Not only how to be a better, more understanding person but how to be a successful, professional waiter. All those invaluable lessons have been put into creating Waiter Wallet, the world’s best-selling and number one rated server book for waiters and waitresses.  

While Hollywood was great, I couldn’t be happier with where my journey has taken me. Every time I hear how the Waiter Wallet has helped make an incredibly tough job easier, I smile and reminisce fondly upon my years waiting tables. They were indeed among the best times of my life.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank all the hundreds of thousands of servers and restaurants who use the Waiter Wallet for their support and business!