✔ More organized

Spill-resistant Pocketing

Neatly and securely organizes everything waiters and waitresses are challenged to carry with our wallet pocketing.

✔ Earn more money

Clear Pocket System

Waiter Wallet's expandable clear pockets and Template systems perfectly positions VIP information at server's fingertips. Know more. Sell more!

✔ Better tips

Professional Appearance

Waiter Wallet hides its contents from guests while perfectly positioning money-making information at server's fingertips.

✔ Make fewer mistakes

Perfectly formatted pad

Our FREE, perforated, staple bound pad is flawlessly formatted for optimal on-the-job restaurant order taking performance.

✔ Perform better

fast-access pocketing

From our POS rear pocket to our credit card divider, the Waiter Wallet knows how to make servers more efficient, productive and successful. 


Free templates

Quickly and easily add one of our nine invaluable cheat-sheets to your Waiter Wallet and the optional Clear Pocket Insert.

check presenters

an unprpofessional, sloppy mess

Not only do check presenters expose all their contents to guests and look unprofessional but they hide money-making info. And, they make a teribly awkward writing surface. 

Check Presenters aren't server books. Waiter Wallet is the only real waitstaff book designed for waiters and waitresses

Why Waiter Wallet is #1