Frequently Asked Questions

When we invented the restaurant server book organizer in 2009, there were so many questions. Our favoirate is still, "Why didn't I think of this?"

But, since then, there have been a few other questions, which we have done our best to answer below. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Waiter Wallet

Why should I get the Waiter Wallet for my servers?

Simply put, better servers make better restaurants. And, isn't waiting tables already challenging enough? So, why not help your waitstaff perform better?

Organization, efficiency, knowledge, and professionalism are the keys to a server's success. Yet, servers continue to use ill-suited check presenters to hold everything they are challenged to carry. Well, struggle no more with the Waiter Wallet in hand!

Designed by industry experts with decades of experience, the Waiter Wallet will make even the best waiters better and more successful. The Waiter Wallet securely holds and organizes everything servers are challenged to carry while perfectly positioning money-making information at their fingertips.

Check presenters may be "free," but what is the cost of inefficient, disorganized, and unprofessional waitstaffs? Making the Waiter Wallet a part of your uniform standard will make every shift smoother for your servers and restaurant. After one shift, your staff will wonder how they ever waited tables without the Waiter Wallet!

How can the Waiter Wallet help me be a better waiter and pay for itself?

 As a server, you are your office. The more organized your office is, the more successful and profitable you will be. It is that simple and straightforward.

With the Waiter Wallet in hand, everything you are challenged to carry is neatly and securely organized inside your Waiter Wallet. And being more organized will help you function better and be more professional.

And, by taking the initiative to be better at your job, you will be treated like the professional you are and be rewarded by guests and management. Besides, isn't waiting tables challenging enough? Why not make your life and job easier? Especially when it costs just a couple of beers or cappuccinos?

Then there are our perfectly positioned clear pockets and free templates to help you know and sell more every shift. Perhaps that is why we always hear, "The Waiter Wallet is amazing. How come no one ever thought of this before?"

I use a free check presenter. Why should I buy a Waiter Wallet?

Check presenters are designed for presenting checks, not organizing servers. Yes, they are free, but you get what you pay for or, in this case, don't pay for.

Waiter Wallet organizes everything you are challenged to carry. It makes even the best server better. And, with our perfectly positioned Clear Pocket System and free templates, you will sell and earn more every shift! 

What makes the Waiter Wallet better than other server books?

Waiter Wallet has earned numerous patents. Perhaps that explains why all server books are just check presenters with more pockets. While check presenters may be functional for presenting checks, it was not designed for organizing servers.

When we created the Waiter Wallet, we went through countless prototypes. While we briefly considered using a check presenter's book-like design, we determined that a top-fold design is more functional for writing. Perhaps that is why professional writers like journalists have, throughout time, used this vertical format. After a shift or two, you will wonder how you used those clumsy check presenters.

Our patented design also allowed for a neat, secure, spill-resistant place to hold all your cash, credit card receipts, and up to four guest credit cards. We also invented the exterior POS swipe card for fast access.

Another significant difference is Waiter Wallet's Clear Pocket and our template system. 

Most servers use (or would like to use) cheat sheets. The problem with other server books is that those cheat sheets aren't accessible. With the Waiter Wallet, this money-making content is positioned front and center. And with the Waiter Wallet Clear Pocket Inserts, you can have three large displays right at your fingertips.

In addition to creating the ultimate way to display information, we also developed technology to create it. Waiter Wallet's free template software contains nine customizable templates to create content to help even the best severs to know and sell more. If you can sell just three additional glasses of wine per sift, that can put $120 more money in your pocket each month!

Finally, a free Waiter Wallet Pad is included with every Waiter Wallet. While these pads are refillable, the Waiter Wallet was specifically designed to fit commercially available pads. See " Why do I need Waiter Wallet Pads" for more about our pad and why we believe it is unequaled.

Why does the Waiter Wallet open differently than a check presenter?

When we created the Waiter Wallet, we went through countless prototypes. While we briefly considered using a check presenter's book-like design, we determined that a top-fold design is more functional for writing. Perhaps that is why professional writers like journalists have, throughout time, used this vertical format. After a shift or two, you will wonder how you used those clumsy check presenters.

I don't have an apron pocket; will the Waiter Wallet fit into my pant pocket?

We created the Waiter Wallet Jr. Deluxe to fit into a jacket or pant pocket. Other than its smaller size, it is identical to other Waiter Wallets (all-be-it with less capacity).

The Waiter Wallet Jr. is also great for bartenders who have to jump out from behind the bar and take a table's order. It's also great for managers who sometimes have to help out and take a guest's order. It can also hold business cards and a POS swipe card. And the Waiter Wallet Jr. Clear Pocket Insert is a great place to hold shift notes or pocket rockets.

Is the WW LTO only for restaurants that want to display a promotion?

No, the LTO can also be used to customize the Waiter Wallet with a photo, logo, or design. That is precisely what restaurant guru and author of the Renegade Server, Tim Kirkland, tells servers to use to increase their tips. Tim suggests placing a photo of a trip you want to take or something important to you that guests may relate to. This will distinguish and personalize you from all the other servers. It will also likely lead to higher tips to help pay for that dream vacation.

Can the Waiter Wallet hold a pen?

You can add an optional Waiter Wallet Pen Loop to any Waiter Wallet. It can be installed on either side of the Waiter Wallet with its 3M adhesive backing. So, you will be good to go whether you are righty or lefty!

What is the Clear Pocket Insert? Does it come with the Waiter Wallet?

The Waiter Wallet Clear Pocket Insert is an optional accessory purchased separately from the Waiter Wallet. It is quickly installed behind the pad and adds two additional clear pockets to the Waiter Wallet. 

With Waiter Wallet's Free template software, a virtual library of money-making information is perfectly positioned at the server's fingertips. 

Restaurant Cheat-Sheet Templates

I love your templates; how can I display more than one in the Waiter Wallet?

Easy, just add an optional Clear Pocket Insert to your Waiter Wallet. It is quickly installed behind the pad and adds two additional clear pockets to the Waiter Wallet. 

Waiter Wallet Pads

I just grab any paper I find to take my orders. Why do I need Waiter Wallet Pads?

You are just like my friend Gordon. After a shift using our pads, he conceded, "I'll never go back!" Frankly, I never thought I would ever hear him say that, but there is good reason for this remarkable transformation.

Unformatted scrap paper results in chicken scratch that is even illegible to those who wrote it. And, unclear orders lead to costly mistakes for your restaurant and server in the form of decreased tips. 

The Waiter Wallet Pads are perfectly formatted for taking orders. This formatting provides structure, which results in more legible writing and fewer mistakes. Waiter Wallet Pads also feature perforated pages (for easy removal), staple-binding (to prevent the paper from pulling away from its cardboard backing), and double-cardboard* (for smoother writing). 

*Double-cardboard feature is coming soon to the Waiter Wallet Jr. Pads

I memorize my orders. Can I order the Waiter Wallet without a pad?

While it is impressive that you can memorize your table's orders, experts agree that it is remarkable in a good and bad way. Dollars to donuts, after you take your table's order and leave the table, your guests will immediately question your ability to get their order correctly. Even worse, they will continue to second-guess your memory until all their food is brought to their table. Even if everything was perfect, your memory tricks adversely affected your guest's dining experience. After all, that is not what people go out to dinner to do.

And if something did go wrong, even if it wasn't your fault, you are going down in flames. Even if you don't use a Waiter Wallet Pad, please write down all of your orders. The good news is that a FREE pad is always included with every Waiter Wallet. While we like to consider ourselves to be very generous, the truth is, we do have an alternative purpose. Quite honestly, most people who use the Waiter Wallet Pads reorder them.

Will any pad fit into the Waiter Wallet?

Yes! All of the Waiter Wallets are designed to fit any commercially available pads. Here are the pad sizes for all Waiter Wallets:

Original, Deluxe, and LTO fit 4" x 6" pads
Waiter Wallet Jr. and Jr. Deluxe fit 3" x 5" pads
Waiter Wallet Sr. fit 4" x 7.25" pads

(But we love and recommend the Waiter Wallet Pad)

Does the Waiter Wallet come with a pad?

Yes, all of the Waiter Wallets include one free Waiter Wallet Pad. While we like to consider ourselves to be very generous, the truth is, we do have an alternative purpose. Quite honestly, most people who use the Waiter Wallet Pads reorder them.

What's the difference between the Waiter Wallet pads and commercially available pads?

The most significant difference is that the Waiter Wallet Pads are perfectly formatted for taking guests' orders. You are much less likely to scribble using a pad with formatted fields. That means fewer mistakes and higher tips.  

That is why many chain restaurants supply (and insist servers use) their own formatted order pads.

Our pads are perforated and staple-bound, so the paper won't pull away from its cardboard backing like, cheaper, glue-bound pads. 

My restaurant uses a larger pad. Will it fit into the Waiter Wallet?

The Waiter Wallet Sr. was created for restaurants or servers which use a larger size order pad that won't fit into the Original Waiter Wallet. The Waiter Wallet Sr. will accommodate pads up to 4¬ľ" x 7¬Ĺ".

Care and Use

Can the Waiter Wallet hold more than four guest credit cards?

Yes, but we don't advise it. If you place more than one credit card in the divider credit card pockets, it can cause the pocket to expand. The stretched-out pocket will no longer securely hold just one card when this happens. The same is true for the POS Swipe Card Pocket.

Can I fold the top of the Waiter Wallet behind the bottom?

Please don't do this; the Waiter Wallet was not designed to be folded in half. Doing so can permanently damage the Waiter Wallet and impact its life.

I love my Waiter Wallet. What do I do to take care of it?

1. Use care when inserting/removing the Waiter Wallet Pad cardboard backing into the pad pocket.

2. Use care when inserting/removing inserts into the Waiter Wallet Clear Pockets. 

3. Use the smaller Inside Pocket (with the Waiter Wallet logo) to hold anything from a guest's credit card to a small calculator.

4. Use the Cash and Credit Card pocket to hold up to four guests' credit cards.

5. When using the wallet pockets, make items like cash and receipts clear and do not obstruct the wallet's centerfold. 

6. Only place one card in the Swipe Card Pocket. Place only one card in the card pockets. Inserting more than one card can permanently expand the pocket, preventing it from securely holding cards.

7. Wipe clean with a water-dampened paper towel or rag.

8. Never fold the top of the Waiter Wallet over the bottom (i.e., in half).

9. Do not store the Waiter Wallet in excessively hot or cold locations.

10. Additional Waiter Wallet Pads can be ordered at 

Are there any videos on how to best use the Waiter Wallet?

Yes, there are! We have made videos on everything from 'how to create our templates' to 'best practices' from restaurant guru and best-selling author of the Renegade Server, Tim Kirkland. You can watch our videos here.


I want to purchase the Waiter Wallet for our entire staff. Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, we do. Please visit the Watier Wallet by the case page here great discounts. Quantity discounts are automatically applied depending on how many Waiter Wallets you order. Expand the 'Quantity Discount' tab on each product page to view our quantity discounts for that product.

My credit card information keeps getting rejected. Why is this happening?

This is our second most asked question. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the customer has entered their shipping address for their billing address.

If your credit card billing address is different from your shipping address, please enter both addresses correctly.

If that does not fix the problem, please contact us and we would be glad to help. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.

Can you do custom Waiter Wallets with our logo on them?

Yes, we can! Please contact us for more information and pricing.

What is Waiter Wallet's return policy?

While we rarely ever get returns, it's a great question. If you order the Waiter Wallet and decide it is not suitable for you, simply call or email us. 

We ask that items have not been used in their original packaging and purchased in the last 30 days. If that is the case, we will provide you with a return authorization number. Then simply mail the item(s) back to us with a copy of your receipt and the return authorization number to:

Waiter Wallet
2995 55th Street, #17193
Boulder, CO 80308
Attn., Returns

Once we receive your return, we will refund you the price of the returned items and any tax collected. NOTE: Products with free shipping are subject to a 20% restocking fee. 

Please click here for our complete return policy.  


How will you ship my order?

We use a combination of carriers and services depending on your preferences and which is the fastest and most economical. Typically, orders under 16 ounces are shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Heavier items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or UPS/FedEx Ground Service. More expensive Next-day delivery and other services will be displayed if available when placing your order.

How long will it take to get my order?

Excluding holidays, our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST. We do our best to promptly process every order. Orders received by 7:00 am MST will ship from our warehouse within two business days (but more often than not, the same business day. Weekend and holiday orders are processed on the following business day.