Waiter Wallet® Helps You Sell More

The Waiter Wallet’s® mission statement has always been to help waiters be better.

To that end, we have developed several powerful FREE TEMPLATES* specifically designed

to increase a waiter’s product knowledge, their sales, and ultimately, their  tips.


Whether it is wine pairings, food allergies, daily specials or any of our templates,

knowledge is power! Now, with these invaluable resources at your fingertips any

server can be transformed from an order taker into a suggestive seller. This not

only enhances the guest’s experience but puts more money in your pocket!



* With any Waiter Wallet® purchase on www.waiterwallet.com


  1. Log in using the account information you were provided when you purchased your Waiter Wallet® at www.waiterwallet.com.
  2. Hover over the template you want to use.
  3. Click the “Click to download” button.
  4. Select your template size from the pull down menu that corresponds to your Waiter Wallet® size (Junior, Original or Senior).
  5. When the template opens, tab through the template adding the information specific to your restaurant.
  6. When the template is finished, click “Print” and a 4-up PDF will be generated (2-up for the Senior). Alternatively, you can first click “Save” if you want so save your template for future use and then print.
  7. Use as heavy of a stock as your printer allows to help the templates slide more easily in and out of the Waiter Wallet® pocket. A 60 or 80 pound commercially available stock is ideal.
  8. In your PDF Program, “Print.”
  9. In your printing presets window disable print to scaling and set to scaling at 100% for proper template sizing.
  10. “Print” the PDF on your computer.
  11. Cut the templates out and enjoy your Waiter Wallet® templates!
  12. To prevent the printed templates from sticking to the clear pocket do not store the Waiter Wallet® in extremely hot places. We also recommend periodically moving the template in the pocket to prevent sticking.