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Helping waiters and waitresses perform better is central to the Waiter Wallet’s mission. That’s why we created our Free Templates. Perfectly positioned in the Waiter Wallet’s clear pocket for fast access, these invaluable restaurant guides increase a server’s knowledge, sales and ultimately, their tips.
Our game-changing software creates a PDF with three to four copies of the given template (depending on the Waiter Wallet version) for fast, easy printing.

Bar Notes Free Server Template
Bar Notes

A comprehensive listing of your restaurant’s bar pours and their prices.

Daily Specials Free Server Template
Daily Specials
Replace server scribbles with perfectly curated daily specials and 86’d items. 
Tip of the Day Free Server Template
Tip of the Day
On-the-job training each and every time servers reference the daily specials.
Allergies Free Server Template
Put accurate and potentially life saving food allergen information at your fingertips.
Wine Pairings Free Server Template
Wine Pairings
Quickly and easily pair your restaurant’s food and its wine to make more money
Bottled Wine Free Server Template
Bottled Wines
Conquer the most intimidating wine lists and instantly look like a wine sommelier.
Beer Pairings Free Server Template
Beer Pairings
Beer is the new wine so why not pair it with your food and elevate your service.
Oysters Free Server Template
Briny? Sweet? Big? Small? East Coast or West Coast, this oyster list tells it all.
Customize your own Free Server Template
Want to create your own template? No problem, we have got you covered.