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Great Product at a great price

Great quality

I’m really glad I ordered this wallet. It helps me stay organized and efficient. I ordered the deluxe model and it was worth the money! Excellent quality!


WW Jr. Refill Pads (12)

This thing is great!

Been in the business for nearly 15 years and just got my first wallet a couple days ago. I honestly don’t know how I ever got by without it. Everything has been so much more organized, more efficient, and the aesthetic is so much more pleasing than your average “check-presenter-in-the-apron” situation. I can’t speak for durability seeing as I’ve had it only 2 days but this far it has only improved my performance as a server. I will be purchasing extra pads as well because the formatting is an utter lifesaver. I am now and forever a Waiter Wallet customer! Will highly recommend to my colleagues.

Awesome product!

Great, useful tool for fine dining