What Does a Tip Actually Mean?

What Does a Tip Actually Mean?

"To insure proper service." That's the answer, isn't it? It hasn't always been so. While the consistencies of language change with every generation, the term "tip" or "tips" has been in use for hundreds of years. 

This article, What Does Tip Actually Mean?, uses a fantastic source on the way language develops; the dictionary. "The Oxford English Dictionary places the origin of “tip” as a slang word used by criminals more than 400 years ago, and the dictionary provides historical examples."

The article continues in explaining that sources used within the dictionary denote that tips sometimes meant "give" in the 1600s, with the phrase "tip me those cheats" meaning "give me those things." It also mentions that in the 1700s, it was used in the same way it does in modern-day. However, it did come with a twist, stating that it was also considered a sort of bribe in the same context.

Years, decades, centuries later, and the most common slang is "to insure proper service." But as all waiters know, there's more to tips than just making sure a waiter doesn't spit in your food. Tips also ensure that you make a living wage. Tips determine the amount of food you buy that month, what your children's Christmas presents are, or what classes you are able to take next semester. A tip can mean the difference between an Easter ham or an Easter microwave lasagna.

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Tips are necessary for the wellbeing of waiters and their families. Between a customer and a waiter, a tip is important so that a customer can commend the service of their waiter. In the food industry, tips are the paycheck determined by the customer, and that can be good or bad. Tips do insure proper service, they provide for the waiter, and they allow for the proper and bountiful paycheck of a good waiter. Make sure you're prepared with the right equipment for the job.