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Waiter Wallet Training Brief

Waiter Wallet Training Brief

The Waiter Wallet Training Brief.  With the help of Tim Kirkland, best-selling author and restaurant guru, we just created an amazing training brief to help you make the most of your Waiter Wallet.

Waiter Wallet Training BriefThis simple yet very effective guide will help you to quickly understand the best practices on how to make the most effective use the Waiter Wallet. Now it is even easier for everyone to make the most of their Waiter Wallets to increase their sales and tips. For example, use our 9 Free Waiter Wallet Templates to perfectly position invaluable information at your fingertip to know and sell more!!! Or use our staple bound, perforated Waiter Wallet Pads, perfectly formatted to help reduce costly input errors and recooks. Check out all the helpful hints on the  WW Training Brief or visit www.waiterwallet.com for even more helpful videos and blogs.


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