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Waiter Wallet, helping take the mystery out of wine

Waiter Wallet, helping take the mystery out of wine

A restaurant’s wine list can be very intimidating for guests and for waiters alike. But, while a guest may compromise the perfect meal, a lack of knowledge about the wine list can cost a server thousands of dollars a year. The more wine expertise a server has, or appears to have, the better dining experience they will create for their guests. This know-how inevitably translates into an increased guest check average, proportionately greater tips as well as a higher tip percentage for delivering a higher-level service. At Waiter Wallet we recognize how challenging it can be to become a wine expert overnight so we developed cleaver templates designed to help waiters sell more wine and enhance their guest’s experience. Best of all they’re free to download here. Our Wine-paring Template uses an x/y grid to help waiters pair the right wine with their restaurants cuisine. After downloading the template, a server simply divides their restaurant’s menu into 5 broad categories (for example; Appetizer, Salad, Meat, Seafood and Desert. With a little research (or with the assistance of management) they type each menu item in the wine category box that works well with that preparation. Now when a guest asks the server for a pairing suggestion, the right choice at their fingertips in their Waiter Wallet’s clear pocket. Where the previous template broke down a restaurants menu and paired it with an appropriate wine, the Wine Guide Template focuses on the bottled wine list. The template breaks down the list into 9 different wine categories (Cabernet, Chardonnay etc.). For each category a server can then detail three different wines on the list (we recommend a low, medium and high priced bottle) with tasting notes or other information. In the category headers, there is also an area to note broad pairing guidelines for that style of wine. As servers inevitably become familiar with the wines on the template, new templates can be created with different wines to expand upon their newly acquired knowledge. Waiter-Wallet_Bottle-Wine-Insert_v2-copy Wine Guide Template
Wine-Pairing-Insert_1up This free, customizable template helps waiters pair wine and food.


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