Waiter Wallet Clear Pocket System helps restaurant waiters and waitresses earn more money every shift.

Up-Selling Guests Means Big Bucks

As much as restaurant waiters, waitresses, managers, and owners love providing hospitality, the bottom-line is still the bottom-line.

Given this, it's surprising how industry professionals leave significant money on the proverbial 'table' by not up-selling their guests. Well, good news, Waiter Wallet is here to show how, even the best server, can earn thousands of dollars more every year.

First, to show you how much money you are losing, we created an Upsell Calculator.

Waiter Wallet Restaurant Upsell Calculator

As an example, if a server works five shifts a week and sells just two extra items per shift, they can earn over a thousand dollars a year!

So, how can you do this? The key is knowledge. Unlike check presenters and similar design sever books, the Waiter Wallet correctly positions money-making information at server's fingertips. That, coupled with our Free Templates system, with nine different cheat-sheets, helps you know, sell and earn more.

From wine pairing to daily specials, you just enter the information specific to your menu and any one of our nine templates. When you print, our system creates a 4-up PDF so, if you have 20 servers, you only need five copies and a scissor. You can even save your work so, if a wine changes, it an can be easily fixed.

Now, using the wine pairing cheat sheet, when a guest orders a filet, any server can make the perfect wine recommendation. That's excellent news for server's like me, who have some wine knowledge challenges.

And, if your restaurants is a casual dining establishment, the Waiter Wallet LTO's guest facing promotional pocket positions a tempting image every time an order is taken. We recommend using an appetizer, dessert or something that guests usually don't order. Then, after taking the order, point and suggest, "Have you tried our Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake? It's our best dessert. Can I put one aside, so we don't run out?" After all, the best time to sell a dessert is while the guest is hungry.

If you have 20 tables per shift, how easy will it be to sell just two extra add-ons? Just doing that can earn you over a thousand dollars a year!