Two NEW templates

We are excited to tell you that we have just added two new templates. Like our other templates, they are free to use for one year with a Waiter Wallet® purchase. The first is a variation of our specials template but with a twist, it allows you to add a tip of the day to the top of the template. This is a fantastic way to reinforce key service standards and best practices. The second template allow you to upload your own content to create and print whatever kind of template you can imagine. For example, a floor chart, your wines by the glass, draft beer list... whatever you want, just size your document (jpeg) to the sizes below, drop it into the template, select print and it will create a 4-up (2-up for the WW Sr) PDF for you to easily print and hand out. We are always looking for new ideas for templates. If you have a request send us an email. If we end up using it we'll even send you a FREE Waiter Wallet for your suggestion. Waiter Wallet® Jr. 306 px x 408 px Original Waiter Wallet® 390 px x 492 px Waiter Wallet® Sr. 408 px x 648 px

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How many servers work at your restaurant? : + 20
It’s awesome

I’ve been in the restaurant industry for 14 years. I’ve accumulated about 5 plain check presenters, so I had plenty on hand but I saw the raving reviews about Waiter Wallet and had to dig deeper. After reading reviews and researching, I finally bit the bullet and bought the original size with the extra pads and the extra insert for notes. I use mine for wine by the bottle descriptions and the daily specials.
It’s amazing! It truly is, it’s worth the money spent and the wallet part keeps all my slips and receipts safely without getting misplaced or ruined. I’ve already turned 3 other servers onto it, and they plan on buying theirs this week! Haha

How many servers work at your restaurant? : + 20


How many servers work at your restaurant? : Under 10
Deluxe Waiter Wallet Worth the Money!!!

I have had both the Senior and the original Waiter Wallet's, and both were great to use. I just recently purchased the Deluxe model and I am happy with the quality of it and will continue recommending this server tool to any server who still uses a check presenter as their organizer.

How many servers work at your restaurant? : + 20
Great quality

Great quality great size clean look.

How many servers work at your restaurant? : 10 to 20

Waiter Wallet Deluxe