The Renegade Server Waiter Wallet

Yes, we've heard it over and over again, the Waite Wallet® is hands down the best organizational tool for servers. But, perhaps the Waiter Wallet's® most valuable feature is its clear pocket. There is no better way to put invaluable information at a server's fingertips. In fact, that was our motivation to develop our FREE template system for our customers. Well, we weren't the only ones who recognized how effective our clear pocket is at putting information where it counts; on the floor, every shift. Tim Kirkland a restaurant industry guru and the author of The Renegade Server fell in love with the Waiter Wallet as an organizational tool and, more importantly, an amazing way to put his invaluable information where servers will see it and use it. The Renegade TIPS Kit is a set of fifty full-color flash cards featuring the best tips from The Renegade Server. The cards are designed to fit into the Waiter Wallet's® inside clear pocket and each card lays out a different, easy-to-implement money-making technique. From how to successfully read your table to how to double your drink sales, these tips of the trade will help you to sell and earn more money each and every shift. So correct those money-losing mistake and make the most of your shifts on the floor. With the Waiter Wallet® and the Renegade TIPS Kit in your hands, you can't loose. WW LEFT

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How many servers work at your restaurant? : + 20
Great - I have enjoyed for over a year!

Passed on my last WW (deluxe- that I had used for almost two years) to a fellow server at our restaurant- dinner service- at a nice NW resort. She - had a particular- somewhat disorganized system. After two weeks - she brags about her WW organization. She says it feels good in her hand! I agree.

I love my Waiter Wallet!

The leather version will last for the duration!

How many servers work at your restaurant? : 10 to 20
This thing is amazing

Absolutely best thing I have ever spent my money on.

How many servers work at your restaurant? : 10 to 20
The best invention ever for waitressing.

My sister told me about the waiter wallet and I figured I would try it out but thought I might just return it because, “why couldn’t I just use a simple notebook?” Well this product is a game changer and has exceeded my expectations. I don’t know how anyone on waitstaff lives without this amazing tool. It’s professional, and the makers of this product have anticipated every server’s needs. I LOVE IT! And my fellow servers were a little jealous. If you wait tables, this wallet is a must have.

How many servers work at your restaurant? : Under 10
Absolutely amazing.

I absolutely love my waiter walet. Whether you work in a fancy restaurant or small hometown diner like I do, this thing is amazing. It is perfect for every situation and I will be using it forever. It is so well made and has everything you could ever need. The free templates are great and help me out so much. Love love love!!!