Waiter Wallet Jr. Pro Pack

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Add the Waiter Wallet Jr. Pro Pack to your Waiter Wallet and SAVE $10! The Jr. Pro Pack includes:

Waiter Wallet Jr. Pad (regularly $14.95)
Waiter Wallet Jr. Clear Pocket Insert (regularly $7.50)
Waiter Wallet Pen Loop (regularly $7.50)

This special offer is only available with the purchase of a Waiter Wallet.

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Waiter wallet jr



I love the size. It is small, compact, easy to handle and juggle with menus at the table- the major drawback is the spacing on the notepad. There is virtually no space to write appetizer and drink orders- I'm forced to use letter abbreviation to save space. I'll end up just using a. Lank notepad inside the wallet

Jr Wallet

Amazing product. Instant change in my overall look when taking guest(s) orders. All my colleagues are impressed so much they will purchase a waiter wallet soon. Working with a 5 star resort I can say I wish I would of found this wallet sooner. My recommendation to others is follow the instructions on how to take care of the wallet for a longer life of your wallet. The Jr size is perfect for my back pocket.

Thank you waiterwallet team.


I absolutely love the waiter wallet

I have the original waiter Wallet and I love it. It helps me stay organized and has everything you need. I just bought the jr because I have a second job where I don't wear an apron, and it is perfect. Fits perfectly in the back pocket of my jeans! I love it.

A true necessity

Not my first wallet and not my last. They keep getting better. They dont last forever but with lots of abuse they hold up better than you would expect for the price. Jr. size is perfect for me. I keep passing on my hand me downs to let others try them out and the recipients always want to order one. Love my waiter wallet.

Too small to be useful

I bought this withough realizing just how small it would be. I love waiter wallet products, but this was too small to be useful for me. I cant fit my tickets in there at all. I wish I could have bought the medium size (which is what I had before), however it wasn't available.



Love it!!

Fits right in my back pocket. No need to bring my purse to work anymore and fear something come up missing. Hold my ID and everything else I only need for work!!!

Great product. Perfect size.

Love it.

Awesome product!!

As a server for 16 years, I feel like I should have come up with this product! I love it! I've never been so organized!!

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How many servers work at your restaurant? : + 20
Great - I have enjoyed for over a year!

Passed on my last WW (deluxe- that I had used for almost two years) to a fellow server at our restaurant- dinner service- at a nice NW resort. She - had a particular- somewhat disorganized system. After two weeks - she brags about her WW organization. She says it feels good in her hand! I agree.

I love my Waiter Wallet!

The leather version will last for the duration!

How many servers work at your restaurant? : 10 to 20
This thing is amazing

Absolutely best thing I have ever spent my money on.

How many servers work at your restaurant? : 10 to 20
The best invention ever for waitressing.

My sister told me about the waiter wallet and I figured I would try it out but thought I might just return it because, “why couldn’t I just use a simple notebook?” Well this product is a game changer and has exceeded my expectations. I don’t know how anyone on waitstaff lives without this amazing tool. It’s professional, and the makers of this product have anticipated every server’s needs. I LOVE IT! And my fellow servers were a little jealous. If you wait tables, this wallet is a must have.

How many servers work at your restaurant? : Under 10
Absolutely amazing.

I absolutely love my waiter walet. Whether you work in a fancy restaurant or small hometown diner like I do, this thing is amazing. It is perfect for every situation and I will be using it forever. It is so well made and has everything you could ever need. The free templates are great and help me out so much. Love love love!!!