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WW Apron

Unique Spill-resistant design:

Unlike check presenters and similarly designed “server books,” the Waiter Wallet’s game-changing design protects cash and credit card receipts from all too common restaurant spills and mishaps.

Just one lost or destroyed credit card receipt and the Waiter Wallet can pay for itself!

Premium, leather-like Durahyde material:

While this gorgeous material looks like leather, its water-resistant property is ideally suited for the restaurant environment. Just wipe with a damp cloth and it will look as good as new.

Durable, contrasting stitched construction:

While the standard versions of the Waiter Wallet use heat-welded construction, the deluxe versions are stitched together for both beauty and strength. This fine detail also adds a real premium feel and appearance to the Waiter Wallet.

Guest facing promotional pocket:

The highly effective Waiter Wallet’s LTO clear pocket makes upselling a breeze for any server. The perfectly positioned clear pocket puts promotional offerings where they count; in front of the guest every time an order is being taken.

The guest-facing pocket is also a great way for servers to customize their Waiter Wallet with their favorite images or designs.

Replaceable clear pocket window:

The deluxe Waiter Wallets feature a removable clear plastic window for fast and easy replacement if it gets damaged or obscured.

Securely holds cash and receipts:

It just takes a small breeze from a waiter rushing by or an accidental drop and everything in your check presenter is everywhere. Why does this always seem to happen when you are slammed?

With the Waiter Wallet’s revolutionary design everything is neatly and securely held and protected from the enviable restaurant mishaps.

Holds 4 credit cards & separates cash/receipts:

The last think you want to do is lose your cash, credit card receipts or, even worse a guests charge card when running a tab. The Waiter Wallets credit card divider not only separates your cash and receipts but its four incorporated credit card pockets securely hold guest credit cards, ids and so much more.

Expandable Clear Pocket System:

Just above the pad is the Waiter Wallet’s Clear Pocket, which puts invaluable information, like our nine FREE Templates at server’s fingertips. But, so servers want to quickly and easily access more information. Good news, the optional Waiter Wallet Clear Pocket Insert adds two additional clear pockets to any Waiter Wallet!

Fast access POS card pocket:

For those of us that use a swipe card to access the POS system, the Waiter Wallet’s exterior POS pocket provides fast, easy access to this elusive little card.

Quarter pocket for extra capacity:

Located behind the pad, this extra little pocket is the perfect place to hold those things severs collect in their server books. It’s also a great place for a small calculator or magnifying glass to help guest’s who forgot their glasses.

Free customizable templates:

One of the best features of the Waiter Wallet is its ability to provide fast, easy access to information that helps even the best servers know and sell more. Our nine FREE and customizable, on-line templates create invaluable, easy-to-read cheat sheets perfectly sized for every Waiter Wallet and Clear Pocket Insert.

Includes FREE Waiter Wallet Pad:

Every Waiter Wallet includes one FREE Waiter Wallet Pad, perfectly formatted for more accurate order taking.

While we designed the Waiter Wallet to fit commercially available pads, we firmly believe our pads and far superior any other pad out there. Not only are they staple and tape bound for strength but also each sheet is perforated for fast, easy removal.

Fits Commercially available pads

Waiter Wallet was NOT designed to exclusively fit our pads. While we believe our pads are the best, every Waiter Wallet is made to fit common, commercially available pads.

Fits optional WW Clear Pocket Insert:

In addition to every Waiter Wallet’s Clear Pocket (located above the pad) you can add two additional clear pockets by ordering the optional Waiter Wallet Clear Pocket Insert for your Waiter Wallet.

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