Which Waiter Wallet?

We believe in functions over colors. So, rather than offering pink server book organizers, Waiter Wallet offers various sizes and functionality designed to meet every waitress, waiter, and restaurant's needs.

Deluxe vs. Standard

We introduced the stitched Waiter Wallet several years ago. We firmly believe they are the best server books made. Identical to the welded version, their stitched construction and premium Durahyde material looks fantastic and performs exceptionally.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

We have a perfectly sized Waiter Wallet for every server, no matter your restaurant and needs. While we think the medium-sized is the perfect size for almost every waiter or waitress, it doesn't fit every restaurant.

For restaurants that don't use aprons, the Waiter Wallet Jr. is perfect as it will fit into most pant or jacket pockets while still providing our game-changing functionality.

If your restaurant does tons of covers a shift or uses a larger pad, we made the Waiter Wallet Sr. just for you. It is also great if you wear a small/tight apron. While it still won't stick out of the apron pocket like most other server books, it sits near the top of most pockets for easy access.

... And then there is the LTO

Based on our Original Waiter Wallet, it adds a highly effective, guest-facing clear window to display promotional offers or to customize the front of your Waiter Wallet's appearance. This version is ideal for casual dining restaurants.

Put Information Where it Counts

Waiter Wallet + Clear Pocket Insert
Put Information Where it Counts

Know More. Sell More. Earn More!

Waiter Wallet Clear Pocket System
Waiter Wallet Deluxe server book organizer with Clear Pocket Insert and restaurant guest check order pad