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Better waiters make better restaurants 

In the demanding, fast-paced restaurant world a server’s office is himself or herself. Everyday waiters and waitresses struggle to carry an entire shifts bank, paperwork, and so much more without the organizational benefit of a desk, cabinets, or draws.

The only thing at their disposal to battle this formable challenge is a check presenter.  Yes, the thing designed to present checks, not organize servers. Enter the Waiter Wallet, the ultimate server book for any and every waitstaff professional.

The Waiter Wallet organizes everything servers are challenged to carry and, with its Clear Pocketing System, it empowers servers to know, sell and earn more money. And, that while that is great for the server it is even better for the restaurant.  

  • Improved Guest Experience/GEM Scores – Our Clear Pocket is a great tool to continually remind servers of guest experience priorities and expectations, every shift, every guest.
  • Higher Incremental and Specials Sales – Remind servers about daily specials, add-ons and limited time offers at every table and watch recommendations rise.
  • Reduce Waste – Eliminate re-cooks and input errors by making sure each order, special request, and modification are captured correctly.
  • Elevate Your Team – Our infinitely customizable FREE templates deliver just-in-time training when and where it counts… on the floor, during every shift!
  • Increased Beverage Sales – Give servers confidence in recommending premium drinks by loading their Waiter Wallet with beer, wine, and cocktail pairings!
  • Eliminate Loss/Tighten Security – Say goodbye to lost or misplaced credit cards, tickets, coupons, and vouchers with our secure pocketing system.