The Renegade Server: Tim Kirkland

The Challenge

Tim Kirkland, the best-selling author of The Renegade Server, implements the Waiter Wallet to improve the on-the-job training for his restaurant clients.

The Challenge

When restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings and Chilli’s want to improve their service, they turn to Tim Kirkland to train their waiters and waitresses.  The restaurant guru’s “Renegade Philosophy” is invaluable in helping servers connect with their guests to provide a better guest experience while improving the servers and, therefore, the restaurant’s bottom-line.

As useful as Tim’s training is, once completed, how can restaurants continue to empower their servers with his valuable content? The restaurant guru set out to create a system that helped his clients provide effective, on-going training to their staff.

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Omni Resorts La Costa Logo

La Costa Resort & Spa

The Expert

La Costa Resort & Spa is known for providing world-renowned accommodations and service to their guests. In 2016, they saw an opportunity to improve how their wait staff fundamentally operated and presented themselves to guests.

 The Challenge:

A server’s office is their person. In spite of this challenge, servers are left to their own devices when it comes to how they organize themselves, take an order at the table and then present themselves to guests.

How could La Costa’s world-class restaurants help their exceedingly professional wait staff perform even better at their jobs and enhance their guest experience?

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