The Expert

Tim Kirkland, the best-selling author of The Renegade Server, implements the Waiter Wallet to improve the on-the-job training for his restaurant clients.

The Challenge

When restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings and Chilli’s want to improve their service they turn to Tim Kirkland to train their waiters and waitresses.  The restaurant guru’s “Renegade Philosophy” is invaluable in helping servers connect with their guests to provide a better guest experience while improving the servers and, therefore, the restaurant’s bottom-line.

What Needs to Be Done

01. Incorporate core concepts from The Renegade Server into small, easily digestible content.

02. Find a delivery system for the new content.

03. Develop an on-going training system to empower restaurant management to engage their staff.

The Solution

First Tim needed to reimagine the Renegade Server into an easily digestible format that waiters and waitresses could reference during their shift. Tim best of his highly acclaimed book was condensed into a deck of 52 TIPS Flash Cards. Each four-color card was designed to provide two game-changing lessons to empower servers every time they interfaced with the new content.

Next, a delivery system was needed to integrate the TIPS Cards into the restaurant environment that would empower servers without distracting from the guest experience. The Waiter Wallet was the perfect tool. In addition to holding everything servers are challenged to carry, the Waiter Wallet’s Clear Pocket System perfectly positions Tim’s money-making where it counts; in server’s hands, on the floor, every shift.

The Results

Not only were waiters and waitresses more organized and professional with the Waiter Wallet, but the continued reinforcement of the “Renegade Philosophy” resulted in a more refined, less robotic service. But more importantly, the system created an improved environment for guests, servers and, restaurant management. 

Not only is it a must-have tool to help servers perform better but, its unique clear pockets provide a highly effective delivery mechanism for a restaurant’s on-going server training.
- Tim Kirkland, Renegade Hospitality Group