COVID's Impact on Waiter Wallet

Dear Valued Customers:

Covid has caused significant disruptions to overseas manufacturing. Unfortunately, this disruption has impacted Waiter Wallet. My sincere apologies, but the situation appears to be out of our control. 

It is impossible to overstate Covids' impact on the restaurant industry. In 2020, many Restaurants and the businesses that supply them were all but shut down. Because of the uncertainly of the pandemic, like most companies, Waiter Wallet put a temporary freeze on our manufacturing process.   

When the vaccines became available and business began returning to normal, we attempted to manufacture new inventory.  Unfortunately, so did every other business. This massive pent-up demand overwhelmed the manufacturing and transportation system, which caused unprecedented delays in production and shipping. It also dramatically increased prices, something Waiter Wallet has, to date, resisted passing on to our customers. 

Because of this situation, we have either run out or will be running out of certain products. It appears these products, unfortunately, will likely not be available until the first quarter of 2022 and perhaps longer. The products are as follows:

  • Waiter Walle Jr. (out of stock)
  • Waiter Wallet Jr. Deluxe (out of stock)
  • Waiter Wallet Jr. Clear Pocket Insert (out of stock)
  • Original Waiter Wallet (low inventory)

We have a limited inventory of the 911 Wallet. Except for a different logo and packaging, it is identical to the Waiter Wallet Jr. Deluxe. It also has a different pad, but we correct that by including an additional, free Waiter Wallet Jr. Pad with each 911 Wallet.

We will also be making available a previous version of the Waiter Wallet Jr. shortly. While not as refined as the current version of the Waiter Wallet Jr., it is a good option if you can't wait a few months for new inventory. This older version is not as plush as the current version and lacks a credit card divider pocket. Because of this, it is thinner than the current versions and will be selling at a discounted price of $13.95

We also have more than sufficient inventory of the Waiter Wallet Deluxe and Waiter Wallet LTO, both great alternatives for the Original Water Wallet.

The Waiter Wallet Deluxe is a premium version of the Original Waiter Wallet. While it is a little more expensive, it offers stitched construction and premium leather-like Durahyde material for a very luxurious look and enhanced durable performance. 

A less expensive alternative is the Waiter Wallet LTO. Other than its additional guest-facing clear pocket, it is identical to the Original Waiter Wallet (priced the same at $18.95)!

Other than the four products listed above, we believe we will have more than enough inventory to get us through these very challenging circumstances. 

My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause our customers. This predicament is nothing we foresaw or could have reasonably prevented. I appreciate your understanding while we, like you, do our best to navigate this worldwide pandemic. 


Jon Schneider
Waiter Wallet



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