Waiter Wallet's 10th Anniversary. The first and best server organizer book for waiters and waitresses.

Waiter Wallet's 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, there was no such thing as a server book. Back then, waiters and waitresses most popular tool to hold everything they are challenged to carry was an ill-suited a check presenter. That was until the restaurant industry insider, Jon Schneider had an epiphany. Design a server wallet to address the unique needs of waitstaff professionals specifically.

After countless prototypes and months of testing, the Waiter Wallet was born. Its primary mandate was to securely organize server’s cash, receipts, guest credit cards, POS swipe card and, an order pad. Additionally, it was essential to correctly position invaluable money-making information, like daily specials and wine notes, at the server’s fingertips to empower them to know and sell more.

Over the last ten years, Waiter Wallet has worked tirelessly to enhance its essential functionality. Most significantly, a Free online template software was created to populate the Waiter Wallet with valuable, money-making content. There were also new products added to further improve upon the Original Waiter Wallet. Five different versions of the Waiter Wallet were introduced to meet every server and restaurants needs. Additionally, a Waiter Wallet’s Clear Pocket Insert invented to expand upon our clear pocket system.

I want to personally extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our customers. We much appreciate all of the support, business and the opportunities you have afforded us. As a company, we will continue to strive to provide customers with the kind of guest first hospitality that, years and years of waiting tables, instilled upon us.

We look forward to another beautiful ten years and amazing relationships it has provided us.