How To Reduce Restaurant No Shows

How To Reduce Restaurant No Shows

No shows are a front of house nightmare, especially on peak nights. While guests may not see the issue with not showing up for their reservations (other people can just fill the table right?), it causes many headaches and potential profit loss for the restaurant. So, how do you cut the rate of no shows down?

One of the simpler ways, it to help remind the guests of their reservation. You can utilize reservation systems like CityEats and OpenTable to make sure guests receive written confirmation of their reservation. Alternatively, phone calls can be another simple way to remind your guests of their reservation and to receive other important information about their visit, such as a special celebration or dietary need. 

Another option is to implement a credit card policy for reservations. Implement the policy in slowly - some suggest beginning with parties of 5 or more and for all Friday and Saturday reservations. With the deterrent in place, guests will be more likely to call to cancel their reservations if they are no longer able to make it.

With that though, make sure that guests have an easy and hassle free way of cancelling their reservation. This will also help cut down no show rates. Whether making sure the phone is maned at all times, or implementing digital or phone outsourcing systems, make sure it's easy for your guests to let you know of changes in their reservation. 

Make sure to check out the National Restaurant Association for other tips on how to decrease the likelihood of having no shows in your restaurant. For more ways to solve restaurant problems and for helpful products, make sure to contact us.