Our New Website and Amazing Restaurant Templates

After months of trials and tribulations, our new website is up and running. Not only does it feature a beautiful new design and interface but it also offers some amazing new features. Most exciting of all is our new template page which enables customers who purchase the Waiter Wallet through our website to receive one year unlimited access to create and save their templates. Currently there are six different templates designed to better educate servers and help them sell more. Our six templates are; Specials, Wine Pairings, Bottled Wine, Beer Pairings, Oysters and Allergies. And with our new, easy to use, interface users simply log into their account and select the template they want to use. Then, they choose the size of the Waiter Wallet they own (Original, Sr. or Jr.). The interface will automatically generate a template sized for their version of the Waiter Wallet. The user then completes the template by tabbing trough the fields, filling in the desired information. Once completed, the user can either save the template (so it can be easily edited in the future) or simply print the template. When the template is printed a PDF is automatically generated, duplicating the template two to fours times, depending on the size of their Waiter Wallet.  Then just print and cut out the templates to place invaluable information right at the servers fingertips.Sample WW Sr. Template

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