Non-Smoking Server's Need A Break

Non-Smoking Server's Need A Break

Restaurants are fast-paced environments, and staff are often on their feet constantly. Staff are also interacting with customers, responding to specific needs of customers, and working quickly with smiles in order to provide the best service possible.

Unfortunately, many of these staff don’t have time to take a break. It can be easier for smokers, who step outside in order to take a smoke break, but for other staff it isn’t as much of a priority to step away.

However, breaks should not be limited to smokers. Allowing all staff time for breaks is essential to the success of your business.

Breaks allow employees to refresh and refuel.

When you’re running around on your feet all day and meeting the needs of others, you become drained. A break allows staff to step away and use the bathroom, eat a snack, or simply spend some quiet time alone. It also gives staff the opportunity to make a call to check on their families, confirm appointments, or pay a bill over the phone. Knowing you can take care of your own business on breaks allows staff to focus on their work instead of constantly wondering when they can get something done.

Breaks reduce stress.

Fast-paced environments can be stressful. Stepping away allows staff to disengage from their stress in a healthy manner, which helps them refresh ad refuel. When staff aren’t stressed, they respond more positively to others. In a customer service based world, it’s essential that your staff interact well with customers – and each other!

Breaks improve employee satisfaction.

Because breaks allow staff to refresh, refuel and de-stress, thereby focusing better on their work while working, their satisfaction increases. Staff will feel valued by management, knowing you have their best interests in mind as well. When employees are more satisfied, they are more likely to stay and do their best for the business.

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