Restaurants Compete with Food Trucks

Restaurants Compete with Food Trucks

Food trucks have become a popular alternative to restaurants when people are in a hurry to grab a bite. They offer convenience, novelty and quick service. The prices usually aren't too bad, either.

Unfortunately, restaurants find that food trucks are cutting in on their business. When their customers start to patronize the local food truck rather than coming inside, then your business loses. So, what do you do? Play up your strengths. Give customers what the competition can not. Here are a few suggestions.

Offer an Experience

A food truck allows patrons to grab something quickly that can be eaten in the park, in their car, at their desk. A restaurant, on the other hand, can offer seating, air conditioning and music. Servers bring their food right to the table. Rather than running off in a hurry, customers can sit and linger over their meals. They can chat with a friend or colleague and enjoy a relaxed dining experience. By virtue of their brick and mortar existence, restaurants offer ambiance and an entire dining experience. Can a food truck do that?

Offer a Broader Menu

Because there is limited space in a food truck, there is a limited menu. Food truck owners compensate for this by offering novelty: Korean tacos, specialty sandwiches, old school fish and chips. A brick and mortar establishment, however, has space on its side. Rather than a limited novelty menu, it can offer variety. If you are starving and in a hurry, would you try something that you aren't sure you will like? Or, would you rather go to the place where you know you will find something familiar and satisfying?

Get a Food Truck

This may sound counter intuitive, but stick with me. Many restaurants have food trucks that go out to venues such as festivals, concerts and sporting events. Customers not only purchase the food there, but the truck also stands as an advertisement for the establishment. When the customer is looking for lunch on an ordinary day, they will remember the really great hamburger they got from the food truck bearing your establishment's name. You have gained a new customer. It's a score for the restaurant.

Food trucks have a lot to offer. They offer their customers speed, novelty and convenience. But what they offer can not compensate for what you can offer. So, do not let them muscle in on your territory. Play up your strengths and offer customers what the trucks can't. Contact us today to ensure that you have the tools you need to beat the competition.