Why writing is the right way to take a guest's order

Why writing is the right way to take a guest's order

Write is Right: The Best Way to Take a Restaurant Guest's Order

1. Introduction to the Benefits of Writing a Guest’s Order

For most restaurants, waitresses, and waiters, writing a guest's order remains the best way to take a guest order. Don't get me wrong, I love technology, but only if it improves a job or experience. When taking orders, writing is a vastly superior method. 

2. Improved Precision, and Communication with Guests

When entering an order into a POS system, the last thing any server wants to do is make a costly mistake, so they are incredibly focused. With a handheld POS, the server shifts focus from the guest to enter their order. And on a much smaller device. All the while, the guest is forced to wait for the server to finish, often ignored. Conversely, as we can write and talk simultaneously, waiters and waitresses can continue to engage with their guests while taking their orders. That interaction is what a dining experience and hospitality are all about.

3. Increased Efficiency for Waiters and Waitresses

Why burden your servers with a cumbersome, fragile device during their shift? Making their job easier should be considered. After all, isn't waiting tables challenging enough? With a Waiter Wallet, servers have everything they need, including money-making restaurant cheat sheets, in one compact place.

And how much time are waiters and waitresses saving from entering the order at a POS station? Perhaps, not even the time to walk to a station, as entering the order on a larger device, away from the guest, is faster and easier. And, if you need more terminals, adding additional ones is no more expensive than arming all your servers with a handheld device. 

4. Tips for Writing an Order Quickly and Accurately

What is the best way to write down a guest's order? A professionally designed server book, like the Waiter Wallet, is essential. But so is a well-designed guest order pad. Not only are the Waiter Wallet Pads perfectly formatted for more legible, accurate orders, but our pads offer several other essential features:

  1. Staple and tape binding prevent our pads from falling apart or damaging the Waiter Wallet.
  2. Perforated sheets make removing pages easy, but not so easy they remove themselves. 
  3. Double-Backing for smooth writing down to the last sheet.
  4. Three different sizes, perfect for any Waiter Wallet or server book.