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Waiter Wallet Renegade Server Signature Edition

4 reviews
Waiter Wallet Renegade Server Signature Edition

Waiter Wallet Renegade Server Signature Edition

4 reviews

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The Waiter Wallet® Renegade Server Signature Edition features the Waiter Wallet® LTO and the Renegade TIPS Kit. The perfect combination to help make even the best waiter's better.

The keys to waiting tables are organization, efficiency, knowledge and professionalism. Yet, many servers still struggle with a check presenter to hold everything they are challenged to carry. Why work harder than you have to? With the Waiter Wallet® you no longer have to.

Designed by industry experts with decades of experience, the Waiter Wallet® makes even the best waiters better and more succe$$ful. Though just the cost of just a drink or two, the Waiter Wallet® instantly pays for itself by making you more organized and efficient.

So say good-bye to frantic searches for lost cash, credit card receipts, and server books. The Waiter Wallet® securely holds an order pad, cash, receipts… even your POS swipe card and, with its perfectly positioned Clear Pocket, it places invaluable information at your fingertips to help you sell more. After one shift, you’ll wonder how you ever waited tables with out the Waiter Wallet®!

The Waiter Wallet® Renegade Server Signature Edition includes both the Waiter Wallet® LTO and Tim Kirkland’s TIPS Kit. Each one of the 50 full-color flash cards lays out a different, easy-to-implement moneymaking technique from Tim’s best selling book, “The Renegade Server.” The Waiter Wallet® LTO is a highly effective sales tool that perfectly positions a promotional or limited time offer to guests making it easy to point, suggest and sell! TIP: In the right restaurant, it’s also great for putting a photo of a trip you are dreaming about or perhaps your favorite pet. The more you can connect and distinguish yourself to your guests, the better they will tip you.

Closed, the Waiter Wallet® LTO measures 4 ¾” x 6 ¾” and effortlessly slips in and out of most apron pockets. And, unlike those cluttered check presenters posing as server books, the Waiter Wallet® LTO discretely disappears below the apron pocket. So, not only won’t it get stuck on anything or get easily pick-pocked, but its top fold design make the Waiter Wallet® and its contents spill resistant.

But, at Waiter Wallet®, being great has never been good enough. We continually strive to improve what hundreds of thousands of customers already consider a perfect product. The Waiter Wallet® LTO also includes these great, additional features:

The Waiter Wallet® Credit Card Divider not only separates your cash and credit card receipts but, with its built-in credit card pockets, it safely and discreetly holds up to four credit cards. Perfect for running tabs or when guests ask you to hold their card for a future payment. TIP: It’s also a great place to hold business cards, which indecently, are a great way to build a stable of regular guests!

Our Clear Pocket now features a matte frosted finish that makes reading specials and inserts even easier. And, if you want even more information at your fingertips be sure to order the Waiter Wallet® Clear Pocket Insert. It slips flaps over the pad and adds two additional clear pockets to your Waiter Wallet® LTO

The sleek “V-Pocket” on the back of the Waiter Wallet® LTO provides fast, easy access to your POS swipe card.

Waiter Wallet® Templates provide one-years FREE access to our on-line system allowing users to quickly create invaluable “cheat sheets” perfectly sized for their Waiter Wallet® (with the purchase of a Waiter Wallet® at www.waiterwallet.com).

FREE Waiter Wallet® Pad. Our 3” x 5,” 50-page, perforated, staple bound pad is perfectly formatted to make taking guest’s orders easier and more accurate. In addition refills available on our website, the Waiter Wallet® LTO accommodates most commercially available 3” x 5” pads.

Expertly crafted in China using premium black leather-like vinyl, the Waiter Wallet® Jr. is easy to clean and built to last.