Waiter Wallet Pen Loop Pack (25)

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A pack of 50 of our new Waiter Wallet® Adhesive Pen Loop is a great way to keep your favorite pen with your Waiter Wallet®. And it works great for lefties or righties. Just remove adhere the pen loop to either side of the Waiter Wallet®, under the order pad. The elastic band holds most pens but it does not work well with rubber grips or pens.

Fits all versions of the Waiter Wallet!

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A Necessary Add-On

I remember how much trouble I used to have with the original pen loop that the wallet came with back in the day. Having one that you can stick wherever you like is a huge improvement. The design of the 3M sticky part of the loop is oval-shaped now and it sticks just as good as ever. I've never had one fall off from use, though I suggest you play around with where you might want to place it before you remove the backing and slap it on. A lot will depend on the type of pen you use, its length and thickness, so put your chosen pen through the loop and play with the positioning before you adhere it to the wallet.

One small detail.......

I Love my first waiter's wallet so I decided to upgrade to the premium Jr. The quality is great but there's one major flaw- behind the paper pad, the surface isn't flat? There's a v shaped pocket that the pen slips on every time I take an order- this V doesn't seem to be necessary to the product and I'm wondering why its there- it completely defeats the purpose of buying a product to help you take orders better when the surface is uneven- I'd definitely rethink this feature-

Thanks for the thoughtful review, Eric. While we have not heard this issue before, we will definitely consider tweeting the design in the future.
Ww pen loop

The pen loop that comes with the ww is not very useful and its in a terrible place too. I'm so glad I bought the pen loop. It's much easier having my pen on the side, easy to get to it.

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Great Product at a great price

Great quality

I’m really glad I ordered this wallet. It helps me stay organized and efficient. I ordered the deluxe model and it was worth the money! Excellent quality!


WW Jr. Refill Pads (12)

This thing is great!

Been in the business for nearly 15 years and just got my first wallet a couple days ago. I honestly don’t know how I ever got by without it. Everything has been so much more organized, more efficient, and the aesthetic is so much more pleasing than your average “check-presenter-in-the-apron” situation. I can’t speak for durability seeing as I’ve had it only 2 days but this far it has only improved my performance as a server. I will be purchasing extra pads as well because the formatting is an utter lifesaver. I am now and forever a Waiter Wallet customer! Will highly recommend to my colleagues.

Awesome product!

Great, useful tool for fine dining