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Waiter Wallet Magic Pens (15)

$14.95 $18.95 saving $4.00
Waiter Wallet Magic Pens (15)

Waiter Wallet Magic Pens (15)

$14.95 $18.95 saving $4.00

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When I was waiting tables one of my biggest biggest pet peeves was the magical disappearing pen. Well, if you share in this frustration, worry no more. With the Waiter Wallet Magic Pen humorous inscriptions customers as well as your fellow servers will be embarrassed not to return them. In addition to being a great writing instrument each retractable pen has an "on the nose" saying boldly printed in white. There are five different sayings, each designed to address this horrendous problem. They are as follows:

  1. WARNING: pen will leak on your shirt if removed from restaurant
  2. WARNING: this pen tastes horrible
  3. CAUTION: pen protected by elaborate security system
  4. I know I'm hot but it doesn't mean I want to go home with you
  5. I don't go to your job and take your pens.

Also printed on each pen, in smaller text is, "©2015 www.waiterwallet.com"

There are 15 Waiter Wallet® Magic Pens in each pack (three of each saying). All pens are black with silver trim, feature a rubber grip, retractable point and blue ink.

NOTE: Becasue of their rubber grip, these pens don't work well with the Waiter Wallet® Pen Loop

Customer Reviews

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nice pens, slightly too bulky.

I and my coworkers love these pens, they're great. And so far the only people that have stolen one of these pens are my coworkers..... The 1 thing I don't like about them is that they get more wide on the top end of the pen and therefore are a bit bulky. I like to carry 5 pens at all times on me and it's hard to fit 5 of these pens into my small pen pocket of my apron. I wish these were the exact same, but with the thickness of a G2 pen.

The best purchase for waitressing

The best purchase for waitressing EVER!!!! Love, love, love it!!!

Love Most Of them,but some not so much

I love the pens that say the "ink will spill" on them and the "elaborate security system" ones but the "i know i'm hot but it does't mean i have to go home with you" can be taken the wrong way from some customers. Online they all looked fun but some people are just to P.C.