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Waiter Wallet DELUXE Box (25)

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$650.00 $862.50 saving $212.50
Waiter Wallet DELUXE Box (25)

Waiter Wallet DELUXE Box (25)

No reviews
$650.00 $862.50 saving $212.50

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Case Quantity

Order the Waiter Wallet DELUXE® by the case. Each case includes 25 Waiter Wallet Deluxe® and Waiter Wallet® Pads. Not only do you get a quantity discount but we include FREE SHIPPING TO THE CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES. Get yours now.

Have your servers be more organized and increase their sales with our best and most popular sized Waiter Wallet®. Not only does it hold everything servers are challenged to carry but, unlike check presenters, it helps then perform better and be more professional.

The Original Waiter Wallet® DELUXE Case, is a box of twenty-five (25) Original Waiter Wallet DELUXE and includes FREE Shipping (Contiguous USA only). Measuring just 4 ¾” x 6 ¾” closed, the Original Waiter Wallet® Deluxe discretely disappears inside most apron pockets so it won’t get caught on anything or be easily pick-pocked. And its top fold design protects the Waiter Wallet® and its contents from spills, drops and other restaurant mishaps.

The Original Waiter Wallet® Deluxe's other game-changing features include:

  • Made with premium black Durahyde and contrasting stitching for outstanding beauty, durability and performance.
  • Credit Card Divider securely/neatly holds and separates your cash, credit card receipts and four guest credit cards. TIP: business cards are great way to get more regular guests. Hold them in a credit card pocket and present them with the check and a thank you.

  • Clear Pocket Frame (with a removable clear plastic window) perfectly positions invaluable information like specials or bar notes at your fingertips. Order our Waiter Wallet® Clear Pocket Insert and add two additional clear pockets into your Waiter Wallet®.

  • Exterior “V-Pocket” provides fast, easy access to your POS swipe card while the Interior "V-Pocket" securely holds other must haves.

  • Waiter Wallet® Templates help you know and sell more by creating helpful “cheat sheets” designed to fit into the Waiter Wallet’s® clear pocket system.*

  • FREE Waiter Wallet® Pad, perfectly formatted to make taking orders easier and more accurate. Refills are available on our website but the Original Waiter Wallet® Deluxe was designed to also fit commercially available 4” x 6” pads.

  • Expertly crafted in China using premium quality black Durahyde vinyl the Waiter Wallet® Deluxe is easy to clean and made to last.



High-maintenance guests. Hot-tempered chefs. Multitasking multi-tasks. Waiting tables is hard enough so why do countless servers make their job harder?

The keys to waiting tables are organization, efficiency, knowledge and professionalism. Yet, many servers still struggle with check presenters to hold everything they are challenged to carry. With the Waiter Wallet in hand, the struggle is finally over!

Designed by industry experts with decades of experience, the Waiter Wallet® will make even the best waiters better and more successful.

Check presenters maybe “free” but what do they really cost when they make you inefficient, disorganized and unprofessional? For the price of a drink or two, the Waiter Wallet® will make each and every shift smoother and more enjoyable. Best of all, by being more organized and having money-making information at your fingertips the Waiter Wallet® will pay for itself over and over again.

So say good-bye to frantic searches for lost cash, credit card receipts, and server books. The Waiter Wallet® securely holds and organizes your order pad, cash, receipts, notes, specials… even a POS swipe card. After one shift, you’ll wonder how you ever waited tables with out the Waiter Wallet®!


* one-year FREE access with the purchase of a Waiter Wallet® at www.waiterwallet.com