Waiter Wallet Deluxe



Leather-like Durahyde material and durable stitched construction make this luxury version of the Original WW the ultimate waitstaff organizer book for restaurant professionals.

Measures: 6¾" x 5" x ¾” | Fits 4" x 6" Pad

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  • EARN MORE with our expandable Clear Pocket System that places money-making information at server's fingertips.
  • PERFECTLY ORGANIZES everything servers are challenged to carry with exclusive wallet pocketing for less stress and more success every shift.
  • EXTREMELY SECURE with our sleek zipper-less pockets that safeguard your cash and receipts. One lost receipt and the Waiter Wallet has paid for itself.
  • SPILL-RESISTANT exclusive, top fold design protects your cash and receipts from those accidental restaurant spills. 
  • PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE hides all of its contents from guests while only keeping the essential, order-taking information visible to severs.
  • FEWER MISTAKES  with our uncluttered, firm writing surface and FREE perfectly formatted order pad that set you up for success with more accurate orders. 
  • FREE TEMPLATES populate all Waiter Wallets and clear pocket inserts with money-making information that is fast and easy to create HERE.
  • MULTIPLE VERSIONS for every server and restaurant because one size doesn't fit all. COMPARE ALL SIX WAITER WALLETS
  • SINCE 2009 Waiter Wallet invented the sever organizer book. Unlike check presenters, we were designed from the ground up by and for servers. Invest in the best and make the job of waiting tables easier and more profitable. 

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Customer Reviews

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How many servers work at your restaurant? : + 20

Waiter Wallet Deluxe


This Waiter Wallet saved me a bunch of frustration by keeping me organized. It is so good that somebody stole it from me. Several people have bought this in my restaurant, one of several restaurants in the resort hotel I work at. I will be ordering another if I can't track down the most fortunate thief that is feeling incredibly organized at my expense. Thanks for a great product.

I love my Waiter Wallet!

The leather version will last for the duration!

How many servers work at your restaurant? : Under 10


How many servers work at your restaurant? : Under 10
Must get!

Definitely recommend getting one for yourself and even friends.

How many servers work at your restaurant? : 10 to 20
Amazing product

This product helps me to stay organized so at the end of the night I can turn in my slips and money and get home!

How many servers work at your restaurant? : + 20
Waiter Wallet Deluxe

This thing is amazing. Worth the extra few bucks! Feels great in the hand! Server friends keep asking to see it. The Deluxe version is the best server wallet in the market!

How many servers work at your restaurant? : 10 to 20
Where has this thing been all my life?

This is awesome. I use it at both my server jobs. I completed 3 of the templates and those alone have saved me a lot of back and fourth to the bar.

How many servers work at your restaurant? : 10 to 20
Functional & Sophisticated

The sophisticated look of the Waiter Wallet along with its functionality has made me a customer for life (or as long as I'm a server)! It gives me the ability to have my money & receipts in a safe and accessible place while at the same time allowing me to take orders in a more organized way. I am the envy of the other servers that I work with.

How many servers work at your restaurant? : + 20
This wallet rocks!!

This has made my life so much easier as a server!! I have used it now for over 10 shifts and I have used every function of the wallet. It is made extremely well!! Made out of some great material! (It’s gonna stand a lot of wear and tear) Its the perfect size, not to large and not to small. Doesn’t stick out of my apron and makes it easier to bend down and pick up stuff. I can easily store my cash on one side of the divider and my receipts on the other side. At the end of my shift, the function of the wallet makes it that much easier to organize my receipts and my checkout. Now my receipts don’t fall out when I open my sever book (now waiter wallet!). Another huge pro is where you can utilize your notes in the wallet. There is a special every shift at the restaurant and it makes it so easy to reference the special with the see through part of the wallet. Also the pads that come with the wallet have made my life so much easier. At first I didn’t think I would use it but I am about to purchase more of them! The wallet also has a place to hold credit cards which is a function I use a lot. Overall, it keeps me organized and helps me make more $$$$!!! Thanks waiter wallet for such an awesome product!!