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General Inquiries

What is the difference between the different versions?

How can the Waiter Wallet help me be a better waiter and pay for itself?

I use a free check presenter. Why should I buy a Waiter Wallet?

I’ve heard there are other products like this. What makes the Waiter Wallet the best?

The Waiter Wallet opens differently than a check presenter, why?

I don’t have an apron pocket; will the Waiter Wallet fit into my pants pocket?

Is the WW LTO only for restaurants who want to feature a promotional item?

I like to keep a pen in my server book. Can the Waiter Wallet hold a pen?


I love the Waiter Wallet templates. Is there a way to have more than one in the Waiter Wallet?

I set up an account but why can’t I log into the templates?

How do I get to use the templates?

I purchased my Waiter Wallet on Amazon/ebay, how do I log into the templates?


I just grab any paper I find to take my orders. Why do I need Waiter Wallet Pads?

I memorize my orders and only write down large orders. Can I order the Waiter Wallet with out a pad?

Will any pad fit into the Waiter Wallet?

What’s the difference between the Waiter Wallet pads and commercially available pads?

My restaurant uses a larger pad. Will it fit into the Waiter Wallet?

Care and Use

Can the Waiter Wallet hold more then four-guest credit cards?

Can I fold the top on the Waiter Wallet behind the bottom of the Waiter Wallet?

I love my Waiter Wallet. What do I do to take care of it?

Are there any videos on how to best use the Waiter Wallet?


I want to purchase the Waiter Wallet for our entire staff. Do you offer quantity discounts?

I am entering my credit card information correctly but it keeps getting rejected. Why is this happening?


What is Waiter Wallet’s return policy?

How will you ship my order?

How long will it take to get my order?